OrielPro External Link Demo

With OrielPro you can define external links per image, which can then be accessed by the visitor. External links can be useful if you want to refer to advertising partners in product images, for example.

Alternative Overlay Layout

Links can be defined in the corresponding "folder.json" file for the respective image.
    "Showcase-Devices-BAIER-Presentation.jpg": {
        "extUrl": "https://baier-lighting.ch",
        "extUrlTitle": "Baier Lighting",
        "description": false
    "Showcase-Devices-BergBijou-Presentation.jpg": {
        "extUrl": "https://bergbijou.ch",
        "extUrlTitle": "Berg Bijou",
        "description": false
    "Showcase-Devices-DJMICO-Presentation.jpg": {
        "extUrl": "https://djmico.ch",
        "extUrlTitle": "Dj Mico",
        "description": false
    "Showcase-Devices-Golferschoice-Presentation.jpg": {
        "extUrl": "https://pb-marketing.ch",
        "extUrlTitle": "GolfersChoice",
        "description": false
    "Showcase-Devices-NINOS-Presentation.jpg": {
        "extUrl": "https://ninosbar.ch",
        "extUrlTitle": "Nino's Bar",
        "description": false
    "Showcase-ParaHeid.jpg": {
        "extUrl": "https://paraheid.ch",
        "extUrlTitle": "ParaHeid Gleitschirmflüge",
        "description": false
    "Showcase-Restaurant_Calanda.jpg": {
        "extUrl": "https://calanda-haldenstein.ch",
        "extUrlTitle": "Restaurant Calanda Haldenstein",
        "description": false
    "Showcase-SIMM_MountainMarathon.jpg": {
        "extUrl": "https://mountainmarathon.ch",
        "extUrlTitle": "SIMM",
        "description": false
    "Showcase-Theater_Haldenstein.jpg": {
        "extUrl": "https://theater-haldenstein.ch",
        "extUrlTitle": "Theater Haldenstein",
        "description": false

What is OrielPro?

OrielPro is an extension (module) for the Joomla! CMS.

The Future is here. Oriel Pro gives you the freedom not just to present images in a modern look. With OrielPro, you can create entire album libraries. Adding new albums and images is easy via FTP or file manager. OrielPro automatically detects new content and updates your albums.


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